October 12, 2023

Gates / Driveway – Aluminium panelling

Auckland Fences makes, delivers and installs all sorts of gates, and options around your gates. We make your gates to order.

We make timber gates, (wooden gates), aluminium framed gates, or full Aluminium gates. Pedestrian gates are made for walkways, and typically are made up to 1.2m wide, with a common size of 900mm or 1.0m opening. Driveway gates can be sliding gates, or swing gates.

Our Aluminium Panelled Driveway gates have the benefit of being strong and resilient to weather over time, and look very similar to a shiplap timber fence, however they don’t need the same maintenance. The benefits are they are light, low maintenance and look prestigious. They are a great addition, and if you have a high use gate, that you want to look good for a long time, we recommend going to an aluminium frame.

These take a little time to make, and normally we will install the posts, measure the distance, make the frame, and then on a second visit install the gate.

We need to know Height (At either side, and in the middle), along with width, and the slope of the driveway.

Variables for gates can be the hinges, the latches and the panel design. One other specific item to note is the posts, as the posts are the foundation of a good gate, and we always need to be aware of how heavy a gate is, and what sort of posts it is hanging off is swing, or we need to be aware of the concrete plinth for a sliding gate, and where the gate slides to. 

Made to order, Aluminium gates, for North Shore, West Auckland, East Auckland Central Auckland and South Auckland.

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