October 12, 2023

Wooden Paling Fence / Southern Alps Fence

Southern Alps Fence

Auckland Fences has many years’ experience as designers and builders of high-quality cost-effective wooden paling fences. We cover all of Auckland, including the North Shore, West Auckland, Waitakere and South Auckland.


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Front Design of the Southern Alps:

Railings nogged & palings across the face with posts up & post caps


Back Design:


Fence material specifications
Post100×100Ex 100×100 MGEx 100×100 laminate
Rail100×50Ex 100×50 MG100×50 MG kiln dried
Paling150*20*1800Ex 150×25 No 2’s shiplapEx 150mm kiln dried, preprimed shiplap
Cont. cap100×25Ex 100×40 deckEx 100×40 deck
Post capRoughsawnMGPremium
Horiz beadEx 50×25 MgEx 50×25 MgEx 50×25 Mg
Vertical beadEx 25×25 MgEx 25×25 MgEx 25×25 Mg






Pedestrian Gate Option:

Front Design
Back Design Opt.1


Driveway Gate


Fence on Retaining Wall:


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